Criminal Defense & Expungements

There are legal protections afforded to individuals who have been accused of committing a crime. At Friedman & Associates P.C. we believe that everyone is entitled to a strong defense.The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gives every citizen the right to effective assistance of counsel.

Our criminal defense attorneys can represent you in a variety of criminal matters.

The Expungement Process in Indiana

Expungement proceedings in Indiana can be confusing. Hiring an attorney is in your best interest to make sure that the process is handled correctly the first time and delays are avoided.

Criminal Record Clearing Options Available in Indiana

Below you will find information on just some of the services we offer in Indiana. If you do have any questions about our firm or any of our Indiana services, please call our office for a free, confidential consultation.

Arrest Record Expungement

If you were arrested in Indiana and no criminal charges were filed, you are eligible to expunge your arrest record. Additionally, you are eligible for an expungement if the charges were dropped because of mistaken identity, if it was found that no offense was actually committed, or if there was found to be an absence of probable cause.

Conviction Expungement

You are eligible to expunge an Indiana conviction for most offenses. In order to be eligible, you must satisfy a waiting period during which you have no subsequent convictions. The waiting periods are 5 years for misdemeanors, 8 years for felonies that did not result in serious bodily injury, and 10 years for felonies that did result in serious bodily injury. You also must have successfully completed the sentence and have no pending charges.

Felony Reduction

If you were convicted of a class D felony, you may be eligible to reduce the felony to a class A misdemeanor. You must not be a registered sex or violent offender. Three years must have passed since you completed the sentence, and you must be free of any felony convictions since completing your sentence. Additionally, the offense must not have resulted in bodily injury, and the conviction cannot be for perjury or official misconduct.

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