Unemployment Appeal Hearing

If you have been terminated and have filed for your unemployment benefits you may need an attorney. Your rightfully earned unemployment benefits maybe denied by the Department of Workforce Development or the employer may be opposed to you receiving your benefits. However, you have the right to appeal that decision, within ten days, by filing with the Department and requesting an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Our office can help you with this process.

It is important to have an experienced attorney help you because you will need to establish that as an employee you were not terminated for “just cause.” The Administrative Law Judge will want evidence presented and testimony given and you may be cross examined by the employer or their attorney. Having your own attorney in your corner is in your best interest.

Furthermore, if you feel that you were wrongfully terminated the Unemployment Appeal Hearing will help gather evidence and test the strength of your case, and will help determine if your termination was discriminatory. If you would like more information please contact our office.

Shaw R. Friedman - Prinicipal Attorney practicing in employment law

Shaw R. Friedman

Principal Attorney

A graduate of Notre Dame Law School, he has built a practice that focuses on standing up in Court for those “needing a voice.”

Nelson G. Pichardo

Associate Attorney

A graduate of Valparaiso University School of Law, Associate Attorney Nelson Pichardo focuses his practice in the area of Criminal Defense, Employment Law, and Immigration Law.

Nelson G. Pichardo - Associate Attorney practicing in employment law

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